Library staff

The Library staff are always happy to provide assistance with academic resources, whether that be a book you'd like help finding, an electronic journal you'd like to access, or a rare book you'd like to consult. If you're not sure who to contact, please direct enquiries towards the Librarian, Colin Higgins, in the first instance.


Colin Higgins (

Colin has been Librarian of St Catharine's since 2010, having previously worked at the library of Christ's College Cambridge, and in Dublin, London, and Siberia. He is currently completing a doctorate in ancient philosophy at King's College London, though his main research interests are in cataloguing and classification, particularly their historical and political aspects. His book, Cataloguing and Managing Film and Video Collections, was published by the American Library Association in 2015.

Assistant Librarian

Sarah Fletcher (


Archivist (Thursday-Friday)

Elizabeth Ennion-Smith (


Sherlock (student) Librarian Laura Paterson (