Dr David Waddilove

Junior Research Fellow
English legal history, especially equity and the Court of Chancery in the early-modern period
Newton Trust Research Fellow

David Waddilove is a legal historian specializing in England in the early-modern period (roughly 1500-1700), with special interest in equity and the Court of Chancery. His PhD dissertation, “Mortgages in the Early-Modern Court of Chancery” examined mortgages as an instrument of secured lending from roughly 1580-1620, and explored the origins of doctrines such as the equity of redemption that continue to undergird the modern law of mortgages. He was both an undergraduate and PhD student St John’s College, Cambridge. Before beginning his PhD, he earned a master’s degree from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Michigan and practiced law in the United States.

  • "Emmanuel College v Evans (1626) and the History of Mortgages" [2014] 73(1) Cambridge Law Journal 142