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Legacies: a lasting memory

For over 500 years St Catharine’s has been the beneficiary of Members’ bequests. This generosity has sustained almost every aspect of the College.
In 1745, benefactions arising from the death of Mrs Mary Ramsden had a profound effect, providing funds for six Fellowships, ten Scholarships and significant building work in Main Court (today’s A and B staircases). Many other Members of the College wishing to give a gift that will make a considerable difference, have also been able to do so by remembering St Catharine’s in their Wills. Those who make such provision now become members of the Woodlark Society, named after our founder and first benefactor, nearly five and a half centuries ago.

These pages aim to answer frequently asked questions about methods of legacy giving to the College. Included is some practical advice about the mechanisms for legacy giving and the implications for an estate’s tax liability.

In the current economic climate, with Government funding for higher education again on the decline, the College will be increasingly reliant on philanthropy if we are to continue to provide world-class education. Legacies from our Members have never been more important. If you have already remembered St Catharine’s in your Will, I hope you will let us know so that we can thank you properly, and also welcome you as a member of the Woodlark Society. We are extremely grateful for your support.

Prof Dame Jean Thomas, Master

Last modified 7th November 2014