Dr Tim Rogan

Director of Studies , Tutor
I write about the history of social and political thought. I am broadly interested in understanding the success and failure of appeals to non-economic values (such as social solidarity and self-realisation) in commercial societies - mainly Britain and the broader 'Anglo-world'. My first book, The Moral Economists: Human Personality and the Critique of Capitalism in Twentieth-Century Britain, will be published by Princeton University Press in 2017. My new project explores the ways in which the precepts of liberal political economy were qualified in practice by the resilience and regeneration of non-economic values under capitalism in Britain's settler colonies during the nineteenth century.
College Lecturer in History
  • Tim Rogan, 'Karl Polanyi at the Margins of English Socialism, 1934-1947', Modern Intellectual History, 10 (2013), 317-346.