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Update on 2020 undergraduate admissions


Dr David Bainbridge and Dr Ivan Scales, Admissions Tutors at St Catharine’s College, today commented:

"On behalf of St Catharine’s, we can confirm that the 2020 undergraduate admissions process is now complete. Changes to the grading and appeal systems meant that the process took longer this year, and we have been mindful throughout of the anxiety this was causing our applicants. Our priority since A level results were released has been supporting our offer-holders in a kind, fair and transparent way throughout these changes.

We are particularly pleased to maintain the College’s track record in widening participation in higher education: places have now been confirmed for all applicants who met the terms of their conditional offer either by their algorithm-adjusted grades, or on the basis of their original centre-assessed grades. In addition, we will be enthusiastically supporting the University’s policy of confirming 2021 entry for any other offer-holders who meet their offers by sitting examinations this autumn. At all times, we have acted according to the Vice-Chancellor's recent statement, which was made following full consultation and agreement by all the Cambridge colleges. In short, we are confident that we have an able and diverse group of incoming students arriving for the new term and very much look forward to meeting them.

We also realise there has been concern that there could be fewer places available in 2021 due to students being deferred from the 2020 admissions process. At St Catharine's, future applicants will not be put at a disadvantage: we do not expect a large number of students to come to us following autumn exam sittings. St Catharine's therefore plans to offer the normal number of undergraduate places as part of next year's admissions process."

This update follows statements made by the College earlier in August on the 2020 undergraduate admissions process.

A summary of data about 2020 undergraduate admissions will be published by the College in September 2020. 

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