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Statement from the Admissions Tutors


Dr David Bainbridge and Dr Ivan Scales, Admissions tutors at St Catharine's College, today commented in light of the recent policy change on centre-assessed grades:

"We appreciate all the concern and interest from the Catz Community, from our students, alumni and supporters during this time. Thank you for your responses. We have at all times tried to act in a kind, fair and transparent way with all applicants. Following the recently announced changes to the grading system, we are continuing to work to ensure a fair outcome for all offer holders."

This followed their original statement on 14 August, in response to enquiries about the College's approach to A Level results day:

“On behalf of St Catharine’s, we want to acknowledge the exceptional challenges that our offer-holders have experienced this year. To ensure we offer places to the most able students, whatever their backgrounds, St Catharine’s has a track record of taking into account all the available information about our offer-holders, including academic record, school/college reference, personal statement, any written work submitted, performance in any written assessment, contextual data and performance at interview. This flexible approach has been especially important for us this year, given that so much of this information reflected students’ performance before the disruption caused by COVID-19.”

Find out more about the information we use when making our admissions decisions.