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Students recreate Catz in Minecraft Cambridge



A group of St Catharine’s undergraduate students has constructed an impressively accurate version of the College as part of the University-wide virtual community of over 1,000 users on Minecraft.

Construction started on 28 March and has been progressing since then, albeit with some pauses for students’ academic commitments and other College activities. The project so far has taken approximately 40 hours: with the game in survival mode, our students needed to gather all the materials by hand from the environment. In total, the group cleared 50,000 blocks and placed 24,360 blocks, including 2,834 blocks of bricks to reproduce the College’s familiar exterior.

 “It has been heartening to be able to work together and recreate the College we love so much for everyone to enjoy from afar. Whether it is the atmosphere in Chapel or the conveyor belt in Hall, we have tried our very best to do justice to the real-life Catz experience,” comments Sean Liu (2017, Medical Sciences), one of the Catz students involved.

Building alongside Sean were Joe Mayford (2019, English) and Max Glowacki (2019, Modern & Medieval Languages), with support from Rory Cockshaw (2019, Natural Sciences) and Kit Treadwell (2019, Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic).

A University-wide Minecraft server was originally set up back in March, spurred by the need to help students missing life in Cambridge during lockdown.  

Pictured: Main Court (left) and the interior of the College's Chapel (right) reproduced in Minecraft.

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