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The Revd Ally Barrett (2019, Chaplain)

I became Fellow and Chaplain at Catz in 2019: so I'm busy making all my favourite memories!

What is your favourite memory of Catz?

So far, it's got to be the Luminaria services with the girls' choir, as I got to sing the service with my daughter, who has just finished as a chorister, and the Easter Service with the fire in Main Court.

Meeting the three prior College Chaplains was incredibly special, and celebrating having all four of us together.

And also pizza 'chill and chat' evenings in A4 and the pizza and silly games night with the chapel wardens, and all the lovely, interesting conversations I've had with such a diverse range of people. And the ducklings, of course.

Who was your greatest positive influence at St Catharine's, and how and why did they inspire you?

What has inspired me most so far is the way that people at Catz (Fellows, staff, students) talk about their work and their life in a way that shows real passion and a sense of the values that underpin everything, and an animated interest in what others are studying, thinking and doing. It's an inspiring community to be part of, and everyone contributes to that.

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