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Caroline Good (1981, alumna)

What is your favourite memory of Catz?

Many, many happy memories so many to choose - hanging out at Chad's (newly opened), the Bumps, College Sport, the OTC and being the third year of girls - but probably, my favourite, would have to be The May Ball in the final year. I chaired the committee and we managed to get Katrina and the Waves to play. It was a superb event and just a really lovely evening and a fitting close to my time at ​Catz.

Additionally the great friends that I made at ​Catz - we have kept in touch since, are godparents to each others' children and our children have grown up together.

Where has Catz taken you?

I was in the Army when I came to Catz - I was the first woman the Army sponsored to go to University (my picture is from an article from the Daily Mail in Nov 1981). After Catz, I went back to the Army for 5 years and then left to go into Management Consulting. My consulting career has taken me all round the world working for PWC and BT. After 20 years in consulting, I decided to become independent and become an Interim specialising in leading large global change programmes. Again this has enabled me to work for some of the most well known companies in the world and to travel extensively.