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Female Fellows' Portraits in Hall

This year, we are showcasing the diversity within College and the Fellowship by displaying a temporary exhibition, featuring a number of our female Fellows in Hall, as part of our Catz40 celebrations. 

As one of our Honorary Fellows, Professor Daniella Tilbury (1990), said, "these additional portraits convey a powerful message and capture how women have demonstrated leadership in so many different ways over the years!"

Representing the diversity of our Members of College are Professor Eilis Ferran (1980),  Dr Rose Melikan (1993), Dr Caroline Gonda (1996), Dr Abigail Brundin (2000), Dr Sriya Iyer (2000), Dr Miranda Griffin (2007), Mrs Deborah Loveluck (2007), Professor Dame Jean Thomas (2007; Master 2007-2016), Dr Jess Gwynne (2015), Dr Jennifer Sidey (2016), Dr Sura Qadiri (2018), Mrs Helen Hayward (2019), Mrs Nicola Robert (2019) and Lady Welland (2019).


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