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Dr Katharine Dell (1996, Fellow)

Catz has a good mixture of a sense of tradition and yet also moving with the times.

For me, a highlight was the new 'Wisdom' stained glass window given for the chapel - the idea of 'Wisdom' from Proverbs 8 representing learning along life's path and education was my own, springing from my research into Wisdom Literature in the Bible. I went to see the window being drawn up and made and it is a wonderful addition to our chapel - modern and daring and yet fitting in with the other windows in the chapel too.

I enjoy music - chapel and beyond - and a highlight every year is the May Week concert, held outside in Main Court, where students, Fellows and staff come together to listen to the concert in the sunshine.


What is your favourite memory of St Catharine's?

Getting married in the chapel in 2001, drinks and photos afterwards on the lawn and then a reception in the old dining hall - a memorable day!

Who was your greatest positive influence at St Catharine's, and how and why did they inspire you?

The Fellowship is very friendly, the students (grad and undergrad) have been great and the staff always willing and helpful - its the best College! I feel very proud every year when the students graduate and we all celebrate their achievements. I have enjoyed being a Tutor as well as a DoS and, for a short time, Steward. Most of all, I enjoy teaching successive generations of Catz theologians and enthusing them about my subject!


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