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Olivia Pinkney (1988, Mathematics)

What is your favourite memory of Catz?

At Catz I felt myself surrounded by people who were excelling at whatever they did.....the work was very hard (I needed Martin West of 1987 to get me through that first maths term! ) but the ‘good stretch’ on all fronts of academic, cultural, sports and social life was immense. I learnt so much, and have used almost all of that learning so far in life. The maths itself now appears very baffling indeed, but the skills it developed in me have stood me in excellent stead in policing- we are problem solving every day!

Where has Catz taken you?

I joined the police straight after one point recently there were three Catz alumni as chief officers in UK policing! I was encouraged by Professor Handy who saw the rigour of mathematics as benefitting public services, so I dipped my toe in. I have not looked back: I believe policing is at the heart of a healthy society and am fiercely proud of UK policing, the people I serve alongside, and my own Hampshire Constabulary which I have had the privilege to lead since 2016. We work with social complexity, are here to find people who need our help and be brilliant at giving it, and help communities keep themselves safe from crime. It is a vocation, and one I love.

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