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Professor Daniella Tilbury (1990, Honorary Fellow)

What is your favourite memory of St Catharine's?

Many special memories could be shared of my time at Catz. The chocolate tasting society's meets remain front of mind, as do the MCR gatherings that followed numerous Catz key sporting events. Perhaps most memorable was Matriculation Day. I still recall initial conversations with my peers and the exchanges that took place whilst lining up for our first photograph in academic dress. It would not be long before these peers became a key part of my college life and core friends beyond the University years.

The Ramsden Dinner, 1991

Who was your greatest positive influence at St Catharine's?

My fellow PhD students. Their commitment, resilience and focus on making a difference through research proved inspirational. These colleagues also knew how to enjoy social and sporting opportunities offered by the College. I recall how Catz students were known for their active engagement in all aspects of life at Cambridge. Having visited the College last year, I can see that this student tradition continues to this day.

Where has Catz taken you?

To the presentation of my latest book on Sustainable Development at the United Nations in Nairobi.

To my first public event as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gibraltar.

To the keynote presentation at the Commonweath Scholarship Summit, 2017.