Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Working Group


In Easter Term 2020, the College's Governing Body voted to approve the creation of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Working Group to help guide and inform policies, procedures and behaviours across all aspects of College life.   


 The group shall contribute to the implementation of the College's EDI strategy through these six functions: 

  1. Reviewing the annual programme of EDI related activities, and providing advice and support to the organisers of these events; 
  2. Co-ordinating, commissioning and platforming the work of project groups, ensuring each have sufficient people and resources; 
  3. Identifying, reviewing, and sharing good practice from within the College and from other institutions both within and outside the University, and monitoring external factors (such as changes in the law) which may impact EDI matters in the College; 
  4. Providing advice and support to the College Committees and officers with respect to all matters relating to Equality, Diversity and/or Inclusion, including in the process of review and evaluation; 
  5. Discussing, reviewing and responding to general EDI-related policy and procedures within the College, which may be brought to the group by any student, member of staff or Fellow, referred to it by any other College committee or by the Governing Body, or which have arisen through anonymous reporting structures in the College or University and brought to the attention of the College; 
  6. Writing a termly report covering project progress and events, which will be shared with Governing Body, Staff Heads of Departments and the JCR and MCR Committees. 


The membership of the group aims to represent all facets of the St Catharine's community, and includes Fellows, staff and students. In addition to the standing/regular members described in the table below, due to the evolving nature of its work, the group is also able to co-opt further individuals from our community either to serve on the main group or to take part in specific project groups.  


Nomination & selection 

Regular members

Students  Four permanent student positions on are shared by liberation officers elected by the College's JCR and MCR. Aiming for a breadth of knowledge and experience across a range of EDI-related matters, other students are encouraged to join project groups and have the opportunity to attend EDI meetings when relevant.
  • Estella Hope (JCR Religious Equalities Officer)
  • Astrid Petterson (JCR LGBTQ+ Officer)
  • Kim Ngan Luu Hoang (MCR BAME Officer)
  • Yorgos Chatziavgerinos (MCR LGBTQ+ Officer)
Staff  Staff were invited to express interest to join the group.
  • Heather Lund
  • Mary Simuyandi
  • Kat Steer
  • Plus one vacancy
Fellows  Official and Professorial Fellows were invited to submit expressions of interest to the Fellows’ Registrar, and these names were then referred to Nominations Committee for review.
  • The Rev'd Ally Barrett
  • Dr River Chen (chair)
  • Tristan Cummings
  • Dr Caroline Gonda (LGBTQ+ Fellow)