STEM in SONG is all about encouraging girls to engage with the STEM subjects, with music as the hook.

Through songs, performances and a great new video, STEM in SONG is intended to open up Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in an entertainingly different way.

Over the last two years, the St Catharine's Girls' Choir has been commissioning songs about science; settings of limericks, poems and even theoretical writings, in a variety of musical styles.

In 2017 we ran a competition for a new science song; and the winning entry, by Isabella Bridge, was turned into a song by Gwyneth Herbert, and then into a video.
There in front of me will soon be viewable here.

COMING SOON: a new STEM in SONG production
Mendeleev's Dream: Experience the Periodic Table through Music!

Our new project will launch in January, with performances on March 21 (St Catharine's Cambridge) and March 23 (Science Museum, London).
Details to follow.


Other songs in the Stem in Song programme include:
Cavendish's Atomes by Elspeth Brooke  Text by Margaret Cavendish, the 17th century poet and science writer
A Great Tree by Christopher Fox  Text from Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species
A World of worlds by Cheryl Frances-Hoad Another setting of Margaret Cavendish
The Microbe by Nigel Hess  A setting of Hilaire Belloc
Science Song by Ben Parry Limericks by the distinguished chemist Sir John Cornforth