Academic Success for St Catharine's Students

11:21, Monday 20 August 2018

We are delighted to announce that analysis of our undergraduate examination results shows that St Catharine's had the second highest increase in the number of Firsts, at 5.2%, with just over over 30% of our students attaining a First Class result this summer. In the Tompkins Table, a league table of colleges' attainment which has been published for many years, St Catharine's rose from 19th place to 10th place - the largest increase of any college. 

The Master, Professor Sir Mark Welland, described this success as "a source of pleasure and a testament to the outstanding students, fellows and staff that increasingly make St Catharine's a flourishing centre for learning and research." 

Of course, all our results represent individual triumphs on the part of each of our students, and we congratulate them all on the hard work, commitment and determination they bring to their academic work.