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Government Commits to BioRISC Project

11:18, Friday 17 May 2019

On 15 May, Lord Browne of Ladyton (2019; Honorary Fellow) in the House of Lords, in a debate on Biosecurity, spoke about “the setting-up of BioRISC, a research initiative to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based information about existing and emerging biological security threats and interventions”. 

He went on to say “biosecurity is an important issue. The Government agree with that. So serious a matter is it that, in July last year, they published a UK Biological Security Strategy. Governments do not publish national strategies unless the nature of the threat merits it.”

In response to Lord Browne, the Government Minister Lord Gardiner of Kimble said “Defra is fully engaged in [the BioRISC project] and we are looking forward to the debate at St Catharine’s College in July. I know that Professor Nicola Spence, our Chief Plant Health Officer, will be part of those deliberations.”

After just a few months, it is encouraging to see that the Government already recognises the significance of the BioRISC project at St Catharine’s.