Harry Elderfield Symposium and Memorial (14th & 15th October)

Dear colleagues and friends of Harry Elderfield,

A Memorial Symposium 'Harry Elderfield and the chemistry of oceans past and present' will be held at the college on Friday 14th October from 10.00- 5.30 pm. Invited speakers will give talks on geochemical topics pioneered by Harry. There will be a wine reception after the talks from 5.30 to 6.30. The following morning there will be additional oral and poster presentations in the Department of Earth Sciences.

Those wishing to attend the Symposium and Wine Reception on the 14th are asked to register asap by sending an email to vivien@esc.cam.ac.uk

The Programme can be seen below or downloaded here (PDF).

A Memorial Service for Harry will be held in the Chapel of St. Catharine's College at 2pm on Saturday 15th October 2016, followed by a reception.

Mervyn Greaves, Dave Hodell, Nick McCave, Richard Harrison (organisers)


‘Harry Elderfield and the chemistry of oceans past and present’

Friday 14th October

In the McGrath Centre, St Catharine’s College

9.45 Welcome: John Pyle (Head of Chemistry Dept., Fellow of St Catharine’s)

Introduction  9.50 -10  Nick McCave (Cambridge, DES).

Talk 1.  10.00-10.20. Jonathan Erez (Hebrew Univ, Jerusalem). Proxy development in foraminifera based on direct observations on their biomineralization mechanism

Talk 2.  10.20-10.40. Ros Rickaby (Oxford Univ). Biomineralisation, proxies and carbonate chemistry

Discussion: 10.40-11.00.

Talk 3. 11.30 -11.50.  Steve Barker (Cardiff Univ). Uses of Harry’s palaeoclimatic toolbox

Talk 4. 11.50-12.10.  Carrie Lear (Cardiff Univ). Taking the temperature of the oceans

Discussion: 12.10-12.30

Talk 5. 2.00-2.25  Miriam Kastner (Scripps Institution of Oceanography). Harry’s contributions to our understanding of Sr in the ocean and its significance.

Talk 6. 2.25-2.45  Gary Klinkhammer (Oregon State Univ., College of Ocean & Atmospheric Science). Highly resolved fluxes to the oceans

Talk 7. 2.45-3.10  Rachel Mills (Southampton Oceanography Centre). Impact of hydrothermal activity on seawater chemistry

Discussion 3.10-3.30

Talk 8. 4.00-4.30  Sambudda Misra (Cambridge, DES). Evolution of atmospheric pCO2 over the Neogene: An insight from d11B of planktonic foraminifera

Talk 9. 4.30-5.00   Dave Hodell (Cambridge, DES). Deconvolving the d18O signal of foraminiferal calcite using Mg/Ca and clumped isotopes

Talk 10. Conclusion 5.00-5.20;  Mervyn Greaves (Cambridge, DES).  Developments in Harry’s Lab., 1977-2016. 

Wine reception 5.30 – 6.30


Saturday 15th October,  Morning 10.00 - 12.30  plus posters.

In the Department of Earth Sciences

Talk 11. 10.00-10.25 Hein de Baar  (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research). Iron, Cadmium and Lead along Geotraces sections in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and polar oceans..

Talk 12. 10.25-10.45 Alex Piotrowski (Cambridge, DES) Nd isotopic tracers of provenance and circulation

Discussion 10.45-11.00

11.00-11.30  Coffee and posters

Talk 13. 11.30-11.50 Alexey Sadekov (Cambridge, DES). Microanalysis: laser ablation, biomineralisation and proxy development in Harry’s current projects

Talk 14. 11.50-12.10 Simon Redfern (Cambridge, DES). Crystal structure and proxies at the finest scale.

Discussion; 12.10-12.30.

12.30-1.30 buffet lunch in Common Room

2.00 pm Memorial Service in St Catharine’s College Chapel