Sports highlights (Weeks 1–2)

Monday 18 October 2021


The following highlights from various sports clubs and teams were compiled from recent reports. If you have a result that you'd like to feature in the next round-up, please contact

Women’s netball

St Catharine’s has already played two games in the new season, triumphing over both Pembroke (12-9) in Week 1 and Lucy Cavendish (18-11) in Week 2. There was such a good turnout of returning students and Freshers that the Catz team lent players (arguably “some of our best”) to Lucy Cavendish when they arrived a few players short. Despite losing the first five points, the team “came back to win strongly”. (The Kittbag)

Mixed lacrosse

The College team faced Emmanuel in the opening match of their season on 16 October. The opposition secured the first goal but “the Catz team remained steady” and scored an equaliser. The match finished as a 1-1 draw, thanks to the “enthusiasm and love for the wheel” displayed by the team. (The Kittbag)

Men’s rugby

Last weekend marked the return of full contact rugby at a college level since the UK Government introduced restrictions due to COVID-19, and the St Catharine’s team was on good form. The team took on the All Greys (representing the postgraduate colleges) and Queens’ – and came away from both games victorious.