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St Catharine's defeated in University Challenge campaign


The St Catharine's University Challenge team crashed out of the contest last night in the second of their round-robin quarter finals matches. They were beaten by the University of York, by 180 points to 115.

Despite this disappointment, our team advanced further in the contest than any St Catharine's team since the 1980s. Congratulations to all four of them for their hard work and quick buzzer-fingers!

Our team this year is:

  • Callum Bungey (2012, undergraduate)
  • Eleanor Chan (2009, postgraduate)
  • Alex Cranston (2014, undergraduate)
  • Callum Watson (2014, undergraduate)

The long-running BBC2 show is also hosted by alumnus and Honorary Fellow Jeremy Paxman (1969).

You can watch the last thirty days' worth of matches on the BBC iPlayer