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St Catharine's Fellows receive academic promotions

16:31, Friday 21 June 2019

St Catharine’s is delighted to announce that three College Fellows have received academic promotions.

Dr Anthony Davenport, currently a Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology has received a Professorship. Dr Davenport is one of the Fellows in Natural Sciences at St Catharine's. He is a Fellow and active member of the British Pharmacological Society and was previously Chair of External Affairs, Trustee, Finance and Executive Member.  He is also a Fellow of the Hypertension Society. He is an executive member of the International Union of Pharmacology Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification, chair of the Endothelin Receptor Sub-committee, member of the International Scientific Advisory Board on Endothelin, editorial board member of the British Journal of Pharmacology and Current Opinions in Pharmacology, and editor of 'Receptor binding Techniques'.

Dr Michael D. Hurley, University Lecturer in the Faculty of English, and a Director of Studies in English at St Catharine’s, has been promoted to Reader. Dr Hurley’s work research tends to fall within the long nineteenth century, with an interest in matters of literary form and style, especially in how such qualities of 'literariness' can enable writers to say, think or do things that could not otherwise be said, thought or done.

Dr Ian Willis, currently a University Senior Lecturer in Geography, and the Cousens Fellow at St Catharine’s, has also been promoted to Reader. Dr Willis is a glaciologist, and is therefore particularly interested in the World’s ice masses; their meteorology (the weather above them), their hydrology (the water on, within and beneath them), their dynamics (what makes them move), their mass balance (whether they are growing or shrinking), and more. He currently has research projects in Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard and Nepal.  

Master of St Catharine’s College, Professor Sir Mark Welland said “On behalf of the College I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Fellows of the College, Dr Davenport, Dr Hurley and Dr Willis, whose academic excellence has been recognised through promotion.”