Triple Book Launch

Friday 29 November 2019

Today marks a triple book launch at St Catharine's, with the publications of two of our Fellows, Dr Peter Wothers (1988) and Dr Niamh Gallagher (2009), also ​alumni, and one of our first year students, Zhihan Nan (2019).

Antimony, Gold, and Jupiter's Wolf

Dr Wothers explores the fascinating and often surprising stories behind how the chemical elements received their names. Delving back in time to explore the history and gradual development of chemistry, he sifts through medieval manuscripts for clues to the stories surrounding the discovery of the elements, showing how they were first encountered or created, and how they were used in everyday lives.

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Ireland and the Great War

In Ireland and the Great War Niamh Gallagher draws upon a formidable array of original research to offer a radical new reading of Irish involvement in the world’s first total war. Exploring the ‘home front’ and Irish diasporic communities in Canada, Australia, and Britain, Gallagher reveals that substantial support for the Allied war effort continued largely unabated not only until November 1918, but afterwards as well. Often this was a joint
effort between Protestants and Catholics, who collaborated in various ways to support an international cause they both believed in.

Rich in social texture and with fascinating new case studies of Irish participation in the conflict, this book has the makings of a major rethinking of Ireland’s twentieth century.

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Theory and Problems for Chemistry Olympiad

This is a first book of its kind, written by first year student Nan Zhihan, International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) gold medallist and winner of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Prize for
achieving the highest score in the experimental exam, and experienced Chemistry Olympiad trainer Dr Zhang Sheng, who has served as head mentor of Singapore IChO team for many years. It builds on the experience of both a participant and trainer to help any aspiring Chemistry Olympiad student understand the challenging concepts in chemistry.

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