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The Wheel 2019

16.07.19 13:22

The 2019 edition of The Wheel is available to view and download now.

Published annually at the end of Easter Term, The Wheel provides a snapshot of what is happening in College. Among the highlights of the new issue are:

  • BioRISC – the new biosecurity research initiative at St Catharine’s
  • Outreach at St Catharine’s
  • Fellows in Focus – Professor Julian Allwood (Professor of Engineering and the Environment) and Dr Niamh Gallagher (Lecturer in Modern British and Irish History)
  • Our College, Our Future – remodelling central spaces and safeguarding key College posts
  • Remembering Peter Boizot (1950; Fellow Commoner 1996)
  • A birthday party for Sir Ian McKellen (1958; Honorary Fellow 1982)

To view and download The Wheel, click here. Members and friends will receive print copies at the end of July. If you do not receive a print copy but wish to do so, please complete our Keep in Touch form or contact