News for 2017-04

April 2017

Document of the Term: Stones

The Archivist would like to encourage you to walk around Main Court during exam term. It's all too easy to simply focus on revising if you are a student, or...Read more

Madonnas and Miracles at the Fitzwilliam Museum

A team of researchers from St Catharine’s College have helped to curate the latest exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Madonnas and Miracles , which exposes a hidden world of religious...Read more

2017 annual Telephone Campaign is a great success

St Catharine’s College would like to take the opportunity to thank our alumni for helping us to achieve yet another successful annual Telephone Campaign. Our team of 15 student callers...Read more

Fish peptide treats cardiovascular disease

A new peptide called Elabela/Toddler (ELA), first identified in the fish Danio as critical for the development of the heart, has now been identified in the human cardiovascular system, by...Read more