Support for staff and Fellows

Please find the latest information for staff and Fellows about coronavirus and how St Catharine’s College is responding to help delay the spread of infections.

If staff have any concerns not covered by these FAQs, please contact your line manager.

If Fellows have any concerns not covered by these FAQs, please contact the Bursar (

I am stressed and anxious about COVID-19. Where can I get support?

Some members of the College community may be feeling concerned about COVID-19 for a variety of reasons. If you are worried about COVID-19, please get in touch with your line manager, who we are asking to be mindful of the stress that everyone is under and adjust workloads so that everyone can cope. With this in mind, St Catharine’s is deeply committed to offering meaningful and effective welfare support to all staff and Fellows, which you can access from a new, dedicated section of the website.

The College recognises that this is an unusual time and we value everyone’s contributions as we work together to respond to COVID-19. As a token of our appreciation, free tea and coffee is available in Hall to takeaway for all staff, students and Fellows of the College. The College is also exploring ways to brighten our days in the months ahead. 

Working remotely is costing me more than my usual working arrangements. Can the College help?

The College is prioritising measures that will ensure all contracted employees continue to receive their salaries. If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result to changes to the College’s activities, please get in touch with your line manager so we can discuss how the College can best support you.