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St Catharine's International Groups

There are now many international groups of St Catharine's Members: please see the list below. We are grateful to the volunteers for their organisation of events for these groups. If you are interested in participating in events more locally, please contact us and we will be pleased to put you in touch with the coordinator for your area if applicable. If you have recently moved, please update your contact details here.

Overseas groups have been established in the following countries. Please contact us if you would like to hear from the volunteers about gatherings and events, or if you are interested in organising events in your area. 

St Catharine's College in Australia (Melbourne)
Chris Briggs (1994, Engineering)

St Catharine's College in Australia (Sydney)
Robin Cumming (1962)

St Catharine's in Belgium
Izzet Sinan (1976)

St Catharine's in Canada (East)
Colin Steel (1964) and Nick Tunnacliffe (1961)

St Catharine's in Canada (West)
Rick Colbourne (2004)

St Catharine's in the Channel Islands
Paul Matthams (1977)

St Catharine's in Greece
Anastasia Giannakopoulou (2002)

St Catharine's in Hong Kong
Les Hales (1964)

St Catharine's in Italy
Renata Tardioli (1995)

St Catharine's in Japan
Eiken Hayashi (2001), Hiroshi Matsuoka (2000), and Andrew McLeod (1988)

St Catharine's in Malaysia
Tunku Farik Ismail (1986)

St Catharine's in Mexico
Jose Rosas-Fernandez (2001)

St Catharine's in New Zealand
Charles Higham (1959)

St Catharine's in Singapore
Tao Soon Cham (1965), Elaine Ng (1984), and the Singapore Committee

St Catharine's in Spain
David Joy (1951)

St Catharine's in Uruguay
Jonathan Prentice (1983)

St Catharine's in New York
Michael George (1982) and Chris Lowe (1985)

St Catharine's, USA (West)
Arif Damji (2006) and Hitoshi Nagata (1980)

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