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See a list of St Catharine's Members we've lost touch with and help us to get back in contact.

We know our Members have busy lives, and it's easy to lose touch if you're moving around. Below you can find a list of Members for whom we have no current contact details or recent news. If you are able to supply these details to enable us to get back in contact, we would be hugely grateful. (Information will only be stored with the Member's permission, and held under current Data Protection law.)

If you can help us get back in touch with any missing member, please complete the Missing Members contact form.

e.g. 1950
Missing members Matriculation Year
Mr O F Rendell 1946
Mr A W Ashby 1946
Mr A A Genoni 1946
Mr K R Rowe 1946
Mr E E Barringer 1946
Mr C B Hobbs 1946
Mr C W Rowland 1946
Mr S Y Booth 1946
Mr T M Kirk 1946
Mr J D Strachan 1946
Mr P Chang 1946
Mr J D Lewis 1946
Mr P A Thearle 1946
Mr P B Cooney 1946
Dr R L J Lyster 1946
Mr M L Thomas 1946
Mr R Cross 1946
Mr J Metson 1946
Mr M F Turner 1946
Mr J C Cummings 1946
Mr C J Millward 1946
Mr W J Watts 1946
Dr J E Curran 1946
Mr J A I Oliver 1946
Mr P G Desa 1946
Mr A W H Patterson 1946
Mr B L Dhar 1946
Mr A Peckett 1946
Mr K A Efah 1946
Mr W R P Farrow 1947
Mr F F Truslow 1947
Mr P W T George 1947
Mr E H S Warner 1947
Mr F H Hughes 1947
Professor P C T White 1947
Dr F E Kenyon 1947
Mr A M Lloyd 1947
Mr S S Mehta 1947
Mr P M Mosse 1947
Mr G Ogden 1947
Mr D C Bell 1947
Mr P Sheldrake 1947
Mr M G Bird 1947
Mr D P G Thomas 1947
Mr J C R Bispham 1947
Mr D P G Thomas 1947
Mr M G Ferrand 1948
Mr D M McDonnell 1948
Dr J H Green 1948
Mr E G Morris 1948
Mr M J Hardy 1948
Mr G Pendray 1948
Mr F E C Hills 1948
Mr C M Ramplee-Smith 1948
Mr D T Allan 1948
Mr T F Homans 1948
Mr P D K Roe 1948
Mr S K Anthony 1948
Mr G Jackson 1948
Mr J B Turner 1948
Mr B K Barpujari 1948
Mr D H Jones 1948
Mr C D Weir 1948
Mr C R Busby 1948
Mr G A Knott 1948
Mr J P Carpenter 1948
Mr J R Leech 1948
Mr J B Clark 1948
Mr W A Lewis 1948
Mr E D M Dean 1948
Dr A G Long 1948
Mr W C Mercer 1949
Mr G Wright 1949
Mr A M Clark 1949
Mr G B Montgomery 1949
Professor B Cox 1949
Mr D V Nott 1949
Mr C O R Evans 1949
Mr B D Rao 1949
Mr H Evans 1949
Dr J Rowbottom 1949
Dr T J Forbes 1949
The Revd D E Shapland 1949
Dr W M Hollyhock 1949
Mr D C W Sharp 1949
Mr R P Hurd 1949
Mr R H S B Sydenham 1949
Mr N I Barnes 1949
Mr L P Jones 1949
Dr J H Thomson 1949
Mr R D Bell 1949
Dr H J Marrinan 1949
Mr H Webster 1949
Mr P J Brewer 1949
Dr D J McGuigan 1949
Mr D M Welsh 1949
Mr G H H Buckland 1949
Dr M G Smedley 1950
Dr J E Howkins 1950
Dr D Van Rooyen 1950

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