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Help us connect with other alumni

See a list of St Catharine's Members we've lost touch with and help us to get back in contact.

We know our Members have busy lives, and it's easy to lose touch if you're moving around. Below you can find a list of Members for whom we have no current contact details or recent news. If you are able to supply these details to enable us to get back in contact, we would be hugely grateful. (Information will only be stored with the Member's permission, and held under current Data Protection law.)

If you can help us get back in touch with any missing member, please complete the form on this page.

Missing Members

e.g. 1950
Matriculation Year
Mr H W James 1950
Mr A G Waldie 1950
Mr R Butler 1950
Mr A Q Khan 1950
Mr B H Winstanley 1950
Mr G B Clarke 1950
Mr J H Mackie 1950
Mr J Crinnion 1950
Dr J T Martin 1950
Mr T R Dickinson 1950
Mr B H McCormick 1950
Mr M Francis 1950
Mr R I D Mead 1950
Mr N R Gilbert 1950
Mr M A Newbury 1950
Mr J E Gosling 1950
Mr F D Plas 1950
Mr D E Greenwood 1950
Mr W M Reece 1950
Father J M Hill 1950
Dr M G Smedley 1950
Mr R B Johnston 1951
Mr S E T Lloyd 1951
Mr R A Parker 1951
Mr R H Pottage 1951
Mr G R Benkert 1951
Mr R H Scaife 1951
Mr A Franklin 1951
Mr M H Silk 1951
Mr A M Ginns 1951
Mr E Thompson 1951
Mr C J Godfrey 1951
Mr A W Thomson 1951
Mr J T Hall 1951
Mr P J Upson 1951
Mr D E Hodgkinson 1951
Mr H H B Valentin 1951
Mr W F Irvine 1951
Dr P R Thornton 1952
Dr H Behrens 1952
Mr J H R Lee 1952
Mr D J Bowler 1952
Mr J Mather 1952
Mr F R Dale 1952
Dr H B Valman 1952
Mr R J McFarlane 1952
Mr R C Dolby 1952
Mr J R Vinsen 1952
Mr T O'Flynn 1952
Dr R A Dutton 1952
Mr D Walton 1952
Mr M J M O'Shea 1952
Dr W E Erlebach 1952
Mr T E F Weavind 1952
Mr B A V Peacock 1952
Mr J G Esplen 1952
Mr M H Rahman 1952
Mr A B Gozzard 1952
Mr B J Sommier 1952
Mr M E Graves 1952
Mr J M Sowerby 1952
Dr A G Hearn 1952
Mr P Stancliffe 1952
Mr J C Astwood 1952
Mr R E Heath 1952
Mr A G Craddock 1953
Mr D L Stacey 1953
Mr P D Crofts 1953
Mr J S Taylor 1953
Mr C Cumming 1953
Mr R A Wallace 1953
Mr P Folland-Taylor 1953
Mr W E Webb 1953
Mr N J Hart 1953
Mr P R MacCrimmon 1953
Mr E W Morris 1953
Dr C E Bird 1953
Mr P N Richards 1953
Mr E B Brewster 1953
Mr J P Roe 1953
Mr E M Collins 1953
Mr A P Sherman 1953
Mr E M Collis 1953
Mr N M Smith 1953
Mr D E C Seward 1954
Mr G O Gutekunst 1954
Mr D G M Squire 1954
Mr E Korva 1954
Mr D T Thomas 1954
Mr M Marenghi 1954
Mr D Tomes 1954
Mr L C Masters 1954
Mr T R Webb 1954
Mr S Boonstra 1954
Mr W A Naylor 1954
Mr S R B Yates 1954
Mr A E Cartmell 1954
Mr K S E Powell 1954
Mr W P Catlin 1954
Mr B J Pyke 1954

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