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St Catharine’s 2021 Telephone Campaign

The St Catharine’s Telephone Campaign is one of the ways the College connects with our alumni community.  The Campaign allows us to update you on College news and provides our students with an opportunity to hear about your time at St Catharine's. Our callers will also seek your support towards the Annual Fund, which strengthens and sustains St Catharine's College for current and future generations. This year’s Telephone Campaign will take place between 20 and 30 March 2021.

More information about the Annual Fund can be found here, if you would also like to update your contact details or preferences, you can do so here.

Any questions about the March 2021 Telephone Campaign, please contact Ms Somer Greene: or +44 (0)1223 338334

Meet this year's Telephone Campaign Callers


Charlotte Lamb (2018, Human, Social and Political Sciences)

Catz is more than just the physical building- it is the people and the networks of students that manifest it. By maintaining support we can offer opportunities to our present students as well as ensuring that the network of Catz is carried on. 

Timothy Welsh (2019, Chemistry)

Alumni support is key to funding many things at the University and college level, including sports societies and even graduate stipends - both of which directly benefit me and I am passionate about. It is also crucial in promoting a life-long relationship between alumni and college, something I would like to take part in once I graduate. I am looking forward to talking with alumni and hearing how their time at Catz has been influential on their career after university.

Danielle Wright (2019, Land Economy)

I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to build new connections, speak to a range of alumni who may have similar interests, and most importantly, I am looking forward to playing my part in giving back to the college!

Agnes Pitula (2019, Natural Sciences)

This year especially I'm realising how important college welfare provisions are. From the more informal opportunities to chat with the welfare officer to the more structured support regarding counselling, it's become somewhat vital. Similarly, the board games society which I became a part of is where my friendship group has formed, and the people I met there mean the world to me. As I understand it, these provisions and initiatives are considerably reliant on alumni support, therefore that support becomes a crucially important thing.

Patrick McAlary (2018, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic)

Alumni support provides the foundation for how College can nurture the community from entry, to experience, to completion. In the midst of COVID, this feels more important than ever. I am looking forward to hearing peoples stories of what life holds beyond Catz and Cambridge.

Amy Gaukroger (2019, History)

Alumni support is vital in facilitating the incredible student experience Catz offers, ranging from a variety of bursaries to welfare provision. I'm really looking forward to discussing this with alumni, securing and building on the opportunities made possible by Catz alumni for students in years to come.​

Aisha Niazi (2018, Human, Social and Political Sciences)

Keeping a network between past students and the college is beneficial for everyone! I am most looking forward to hearing about what former Catz students are doing now!

Libby Beckett (2017, Modern and Medieval Languages)

Alumni support is part of continuing the community feel of St Catharine's for those who have left the college, and it helps create/maintain links between current students and alumni of all ages. It is also a way to ensure the generous bursaries and grants the college provides, which have made my time at St Catharine's possible, can continue. I'm looking forward to finding out about the exciting lives Catz alumni have had since being at the college and swapping stories of college life!

Dan Twine (2019, Natural Sciences)

I love that I'll have the opportunity to talk to ex-students and hear about their experiences and what has changed. I expect it will give me a great perspective on the direction the college is heading, and it'll be interesting to know how student life here in general has changed over time.

Alice Horrell (2019, Economics and Human, Social and Political Sciences)

Alumni support for the Catz community is essential for us to grow as a college. It also allows the community to strengthen as people graduate, entering all walks of life whilst remaining tied to this shared experience​.

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