Missing Members

We know our Members have busy lives, and it's easy to lose touch if you're moving around. Below you can find a list of Members for whom we have no current contact details or recent news. If you are able to supply these details to enable us to get back in contact, we would be hugely grateful. (Information will only be stored with the Member's permission, and held under current Data Protection law.)

If you can help us get back in touch with any missing member, please complete the form on this page.

e.g. 1950
Matriculation Year
The Revd W J Gillespie 1954
Mr D G M Squire 1954
Mr G O Gutekunst 1954
Mr D T Thomas 1954
Mr E Korva 1954
Mr D Tomes 1954
Mr M Marenghi 1954
Mr T R Webb 1954
Mr G H Lister 1955
Major M R C Reynolds 1955
Mr A J Beerbohm 1955
Mr S Robbins 1955
Mr D Butt 1955
Mr N D S Sanderson 1955
Mr I M Cobham 1955
Dr O C Wetherell 1955
Mr M J Egan 1955
Professor E Engelberg 1955
Mr V J Goodwin 1955
Mr W E Grenville-Grey 1955
Mr R G Knowles 1955
Mr D A Kohler 1955
Mr C W R Gemmill 1956
Mr I M McGregor 1956
Mr R Gladman 1956
Mr K V Raman 1956
Mr I S Hamilton 1956
Mr A S Saggu 1956
Mr J K Hemmings 1956
Mr W R Sheppard 1956
The Revd F C Henderson 1956
Mr G W Smith 1956
Mr M D Barrett 1956
Mr D E G Irvine 1956
Dr D E Stevenson 1956
Mr R E T Biddick 1956
Mr R L Johnson 1956
Mr W C Stonebridge 1956
Mr G Birch 1956
Mr J D Joyce 1956
Mr D O M Thomas 1956
Mr P Clifford 1956
Dr L H Little 1956
Dr N W Wakdd 1956
Mr M K Dixon 1956
Mr I M MacGregor 1956
Mr A Wort 1956
Dr J K Duxbury 1956
Mr A S McDevitt 1956
Mr R A Aram 1957
Mr K G Lowenstein 1957
Mr B W Bunce 1957
Mr J M L Noble 1957
Mr A K Chatterjee 1957
Mr D J Oldman 1957
Mr G A Coral 1957
Mr A W Russell 1957
Mr R A Diamond 1957
Mr A S H Sadique 1957
Mr P V Evans 1957
The Revd C M Simpson 1957
Mr M P Hancock 1957
Mr B G C Smith 1957
Mr J Harvey 1957
Mr W S Squire 1957
Mr J R Hayward 1957
Mr P H R Vickers 1957
Dr D W Hutchinson 1957
Mr J D H Williams 1957
Dr P L James 1957
Mr A G Wilmore 1957
Mr P E Langley 1958
Mr P Spink 1958
Mr A Y Allan 1958
Mr J R Leslie 1958
Mr S G Sullivan 1958
Mr R H Barrow 1958
Mr J Longden 1958
Dr W M Warren 1958
Mr D Bowie 1958
Mr T Matthews 1958
Mr A Brown 1958
Mr M P Mazinge 1958
Mr B Calvert 1958
Mr D E Needham 1958
Mr J M Cockin 1958
Mr D M Nunn 1958
Mr A J de Santis 1958
Mr G E Patchett 1958
Mr H C Easton 1958
Mr R A Y Pouget 1958
Mr M Firkser 1958
Mr J Presswood 1958
Mr W G Griffiths 1958
Mr T H Preston 1958
Mr M M Rehman 1959
Dr J O Foster 1959
Mr N M Reynold 1959
Mr D J S Hughes 1959
Mr J Rodriguez Martinez 1959