Missing members

We know our Members have busy lives, and it's easy to lose touch if you're moving around. Below you can find a list of Members for whom we have no current contact details or recent news. If you are able to supply these details to enable us to get back in contact, we would be hugely grateful. (Information will only be stored with the Member's permission, and held under current Data Protection law.)

If you can help us get back in touch with any missing member, please complete the form on this page.

e.g. 1950
Matriculation Year
Dr P A Lawrence 1959
Mr D Aitken 1959
Mr R L Tyrrell 1959
Mr R E Matson 1959
Mr R A F Anderson 1959
Mr P J Vermeulin 1959
Mr S F D Moore 1959
Dr R A Basson 1959
Mr T C Walker 1959
Mr J Nash 1959
Professor R D Bedford 1959
Mr A Weatherall 1959
Mr C Norris 1959
Mr A P R Bowden 1960
Mr J Randle 1960
Mr J G P Campbell 1960
Mr A Ray 1960
Mr A G Cox 1960
Mr A P Short 1960
Mr A P Dutton 1960
Mr C B Smith 1960
Mr B Everitt 1960
Mr C K J Tsang 1960
Mr D Gaulton 1960
Mr B Whitaker 1960
Mr J F R Hammond 1960
Mr P J Woods 1960
Dr N T James 1960
Mr D J Jones 1960
Mr I Majid 1960
Mr S C Martin 1960
Mr R Castleton 1961
Mr K Lund 1961
Mr P M Charlwood 1961
Mr M S Paget 1961
Dr S E G Curtis 1961
Mr S G Peel 1961
Professor R J Davies 1961
Mr B H Riley 1961
Mr J N D Ford 1961
Mr K J Ross 1961
Mr P R A Hammond 1961
Mr P G Scott 1961
Mr J R Hodson 1961
Mr D J Seaman 1961
Mr G Hughes 1961
Mr S Srivama Devan 1961
Mr A B Bell 1961
Mr J L Joy 1961
Dr A B J Todesco 1961
Mr C C Bell 1961
The Revd T J Knights 1961
Mr I R Watt-Smith 1961
Professor J G Brotherston 1961
Mr P R Lowman 1961
Mr C J Martin 1962
Mr C R Bowdidge 1962
Mr C J W Martin-Murphy 1962
Mr J Bradley 1962
Mr I M Mathenge 1962
Mr C E Brookeman 1962
Mr J D Sayers 1962
Dr D Chappell 1962
Mr S Schwartz 1962
Mr A A A Demirer 1962
Mr A R Taylor 1962
Mr J K Foulds 1962
Mr M J H Wyatt 1962
Mr J A Hartley 1962
Mr E D Yeats 1962
Mr R D Jones 1962
Mr W Li 1962
Mr C W Martin 1962
Mr T W Ballantyne 1962
Mr T A Doyle 1963
Dr J M Thomas 1963
Mr K L Hood 1963
Mr W Tubman 1963
Mr C M Hook 1963
Mr D J Washington 1963
Mr P W Milne 1963
Mr G Williams 1963
Mr C J Porritt 1963
Mr H B Sanders 1963
Mr J D Sankey 1963
Mr N Smith 1963
Mr D Buxton 1963
Mr R Stephens 1963
Mr D J Carter 1963
Mr C J Stevens 1963
Mr S F Chen 1963
Mr J A W Strachan 1963
Dr S S Carlyle 1964
Dr C A Goodridge 1964
Mr T R Volk 1964
Mr T F Chapman 1964
Mr R G Gray 1964
Mr B Waylen 1964
Mr J F Chapman 1964
Mr P T S Hwang 1964