Missing members

We know our Members have busy lives, and it's easy to lose touch if you're moving around. Below you can find a list of Members for whom we have no current contact details or recent news. If you are able to supply these details to enable us to get back in contact, we would be hugely grateful. (Information will only be stored with the Member's permission, and held under current Data Protection law.)

If you can help us get back in touch with any missing member, please complete the form on this page.

e.g. 1950
Matriculation Year
Mr D A Brown 1964
Mr J A Gilbert 1964
Mr J K Skelton 1964
Mr F L Caldwell 1964
Mr C Godman 1964
Mr P F R Totman 1964
Dr S S Carlyle 1964
Dr C A Goodridge 1964
Mr T R Volk 1964
Mr T F Chapman 1964
Mr R G Gray 1964
Mr B Waylen 1964
Mr J F Chapman 1964
Mr P T S Hwang 1964
Mr J P Colclough 1964
Mr M R Jarman 1964
Mr A H Davies 1964
Mr J G McEvoy 1964
Professor B M Barker 1964
Mr A J Davison 1964
Mr W A Mottley 1964
Mr A H Beale 1964
Dr T J Herbert 1965
Mr P T Thomas 1965
Mr H A Bemis 1965
Mr P D Imberg 1965
Mr D W Thomas 1965
Mr E J H Campion 1965
Mr D S Jackson 1965
Mr G F Warburton 1965
Mr J C Cheshire 1965
Mr R A Jones 1965
Mr S Webster 1965
Christopher J Clegg 1965
Mr Y F Lo 1965
Mr A R Wicks 1965
Mr I P Corley 1965
Mr A A Mahmud 1965
Mr T H R Ziegler 1965
Mr A J Crabtree 1965
Mr J J Mortimer 1965
Mr P A Cresswell 1965
Mr P F Robinson 1965
Mr M B Abdullah 1965
Mr M F Crowther 1965
Mr J A Scott 1965
Mr D J Allan 1965
Mr L G Fish 1965
Mr M K Shahani 1965
Mr E Ansay 1965
Dr D N W Griffith 1965
Mr M V Shain 1965
Mr J G Aylward 1965
Mr S Hall 1966
Mr S Hassan 1966
Mr D J Pearce 1966
Mr S E Phillips 1966
Dr A W Speedy 1966
Mr S Subramaniam 1966
Mr J G Bradshaw 1966
Mr M F Thomas 1966
Mr J L Clark 1966
Mr C G Tillie 1966
Mr J A Edmundson 1966
Dr P Woolley 1966
Mr D H Green 1966
Mr W M B Yusoff 1966
Mr P Greenhalgh 1966
Mr A W H Bartram 1967
Mr J D Newton 1967
Mr P J Bell 1967
Dr P F Pfaelzer 1967
Mr D M Clemens 1967
Mr J B M Poulter 1967
Mr J Cuthbert 1967
Major R D Ryan 1967
Mr H M Derham 1967
Mr R C Shaw 1967
Mr B I Hashmi 1967
Mr P N Thompson 1967
Mr C W Henn 1967
Mr R A Vernon 1967
Dr W G Jenkins 1967
Mr R M White 1967
Mr C J Jones 1967
Mr R A Mundy 1967
Mr M B Murphy 1967
Mr B R Clayton 1968
Mr D B McMillan 1968
Mr C K Wilson 1968
Mr A W Davies 1968
Mr C V J McNaught-Davies 1968
Mr K G Dean 1968
Mr R P McNicoll 1968
Professor W C Eaton 1968
Mr G E Mills 1968
Mr J Farmer 1968
Mr G I Mitchell 1968
Mr J M Foster 1968
Mr C W Pratt 1968