The impact of your gifts

One of the major focuses in recent years has been to fund more student bursaries, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Senior Tutor reports below on the tremendous impact of your gifts over the last three years.

At St Catharine’s, it has always been our ambition to provide an outstanding education to the most able students, regardless of wealth or background, and to support those students in their academic and extra-curricular activities while they are here.

In recent years, therefore, with rising financial pressures on both undergraduate and postgraduate students, we have made it a priority to expand our range of bursaries and awards, both to attract the best students from all over the world to St Catharine’s, and to ensure that help is available for students to fulfil their potential. 

Creating more bursaries and awards and establishing them in perpetuity is expensive, and we have been delighted and honoured that so many of our Members have endorsed our vision by donating to the St Catharine’s Campaign. 


We previously provided …
  • 4-6 bursaries of up to £1,000pa each
We now provide …
  • A universal bursary scheme which provides up to £1,000pa to any student whose household income falls below £42,620 (assessed by the University)

These bursaries, held for the duration of the student’s degree (3-4 years), are designed to complement the funding already available from the University and the State: the largest awards go to those who receive the least funding from elsewhere, but for whom even a modest award will still make a substantial difference.


With funding from Research Councils and the State declining at an alarming rate, particularly in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, postgraduate bursaries have been a particular fundraising focus in the last two years. We always wish to attract exceptional students from around the UK and the world, but in recent years several of our own undergraduates and MPhil students have departed to other institutions offering better financial support for their postgraduate studies. Thus, we have also been prompted to improve our bursary provision for those wishing to remain at St Catharine’s for further study.

We previously provided …
  • Two MPhil bursaries of £5,000 each
  • One PhD scholarship of up to £10,000pa
We now provide ...
  • Four MPhil bursaries of up to £10,000 each, with preference given to existing St Catharine’s students, including the Jas Bains Bursary and the Will Bratton Bursary
  • An additional bursary for an MPhil student in History of up to £10,000
  • One full PhD bursary (up to £20,000pa) available annually, for a St Catharine’s student in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences
  • One or two PhD bursaries of up to £10,000pa, with preference given to existing St Catharine’s students

Whilst these awards are based on financial need, they also take into account and reward academically outstanding performance.

We are sincerely grateful to all who have given – both those who designated their gifts for the Student Support Fund, and those who have given unrestricted donations which we have subsequently allocated to Student Support. Your donations will enable us to sustain the highest standards of academic life by allowing our students to focus on their academic and extra-curricular development, and to gain the greatest benefits possible from their time at St Catharine’s.

Dr Paul Hartle
Senior Tutor