Undergraduate entrance bursaries

We are determined that students should not miss out on being educated at St Catharine’s because of financial barriers.

Full-time study is expensive at any university (living costs for Cambridge are estimated at £8,500pa); but the rigour and intensity of our courses mean that Cambridge undergraduates are restricted in the amount of paid work they can do during term time, and can therefore struggle to cover the expense of completing a degree. The University’s very active Access team works with schools across the whole of the UK to encourage able students to apply to Cambridge; and it is crucial that St Catharine’s can support this work with adequate provision of undergraduate bursaries.

For those whose household income is £42,600 or less, support is currently available in the following forms:

  • From Government: Tuition fee loans, and means-tested maintenance loans and grants, on a sliding scale
  • From the University: Those who receive government maintenance grants are also awarded Cambridge Bursaries, administered by the Newton Trust
  • From St Catharine’s: Six Annual Fund Bursaries, of £1,000 each, are awarded each year to undergraduates

In order to target our support where it will make the greatest difference, St Catharine’s is implementing a new bursary scheme which will eventually fund 100 undergraduate students. The bursaries are awarded to those whose household income is between £25,000 and £42,600, and 25-30 new bursaries will be awarded every year: an award of £500-£1,000 pa, to last for the entirety of the student’s undergraduate degree.

How will my gift help?


  • £1,000 each year could help to support up to two students through the whole of their undergraduate courses (3-4 years)
  • £25,000 would endow a single undergraduate entrance bursary to be awarded every 3-4 years
  • £100,000 would endow at least four entrance bursaries in perpetuity, enabling us to award 1-2 bursaries to new undergraduates every year
  • £1.875 million would generate the £75,000pa income necessary to fully fund this transformative scheme

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