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Application for Graduation

The form below is for students wishing to graduate at one of the smaller ceremonies. Undergraduate students taking their B.A. as part of General Admission will be contacted by the Praelector's secretary separately.

Please note we are unable to put an applicant forward to the University unless you have been officially approved for your degree by your Degree Committee or the Board of Graduate Studies. Please make sure you have received your Letter of Approval before submitting your application to graduate.

PhD students who have been approved for the degree subject to minor/major corrections may apply prior to their submission, however you will not be permitted to proceed to graduation until these have been approved and your hardbound thesis has been submitted.

You must apply at least 10 days before your requested ceremony and please do not assume that you are graduating until you have received confirmation from the College.  Confirmation, details and instructions will be sent approximately four weeks before the ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: This is correct at the time of writing, however due to the concerns around COVID-19, ceremonies may be cancelled at short notice.