COVID-19 risk assessment

The College has conducted a risk assessment for COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) and identified measures designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 within the College community.

These measures are based on the latest advice from the University of Cambridge and the UK Government, and reflect the different spaces and environments that exist in the College. The College will review and update measures as required by changes to this advice and the incidence of COVID-19 in our community and/or in the city.

Read the risk assessment document.

Policy on face coverings

Based on advice from the University and the Government, the College has developed a policy summarising how face coverings should be worn in College properties. 

Read the document about face coverings at St Catharine's.

Helpful guidance on face coverings when moving around College

To indicate whether face coverings should be worn, posters will be displayed outside/inside our shared indoor facilities, particularly in crowded and enclosed spaces where individuals come into contact with people they don’t usually meet. Two template posters have been produced for display:

  1. Strongly encouraging face coverings because there is limited scope in a particular space to implement all the precautions typically recommended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19; and
  2. Encouraging face coverings as part of a range of precautions and advising that groups can agree how face coverings will be used when meeting in a particular space to ensure everyone gathering feels safe (organisers/chairs may find it helpful to raise this with attendees in advance).

Helpful guidance for staff

In addition to the College's existing Absence Reporting and Sick Pay Policy (2019), the following guidance has been developed to reflect circumstances specific to COVID-19: