Dr Anthony Davenport

Role of apelin and 'orphan' G-protein coupled receptor systems in the human vasculature and their role in cardiovascular disease, novel agents for imaging atherosclerosis. Function of G-protein coupled receptors in the human cardiovascular system in health and disease.
Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Dr Anthony Davenport is Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, and was previously British Heart Foundation Principal Scientist and for ten years held a BHF Science Lectureship.  He is a Fellow and active member of the British Pharmacological Society and was previously chair of External Affairs, Trustee, Finance and Executive member.  He is also a Fellow of the Hypertension Society.  He is an executive member of the International Union of Pharmacology Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification, that maintains a data base of drugs and their target at http://www.guidetopharmacology.org/, chair of the Endothelin Receptor Sub-committee, member of the International Scientific Advisory Board on Endothelin; editorial board member of the British Journal of Pharmacology and Current Opinions in Pharmacology; editor of 'Receptor binding Techniques'. He has held programme grants from the BHF and was co-applicant on three MRC programme grants to establish the multi-imaging facilities at Addenbrooke's Hospital.  He was elected British Pharmacological Society Australasian Visitor in 2014.

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