Dr Mairi Kilkenny

Subject: Natural Sciences
Our research focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of human DNA replication, using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes gene cloning, recombinant protein expression, cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, and myriad biophysical techniques. We are currently engaged in an artificial intelligence-led virtual drug screening approach, with the aim of developing novel anti-cancer therapeutics. In addition, we are actively pursuing Covid19-based research into the potential link between human replication proteins, inflammation and the anti-viral response.
Director of Studies in Biochemistry; Tutor; Supervisor
Assistant Director of Teaching and Senior Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry

A classic case of Chemist-turned-Biochemist, I carried out my undergraduate and Masters (Chemistry) degrees at the University of Cape Town, before moving to Cambridge for my PhD (Biochemistry) in 2001. In 2005 I embarked on my research career at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, before moving back to Cambridge in 2010 to take up a position as Senior Research Associate in the Department of Biochemistry. In addition to my research, I supervise undergraduate, Masters and PhD students, and I love any kind of STEM outreach activity. I participate in the annual Cambridge Science Festival, as well as various school-based Science Fun Days. 

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Shortlisted in the Innovative Teacher category in the 2020 CUSU Student-led Teaching Awards.Commended as an Undergraduate Supervisor (Science and Technology) in the 2018 CUSU Student-led Teaching Awards