Dr Paul Hartle

Emeritus Fellow
Japan and Early Modern Europe (especially Britain)

Former Senior Tutor; College Lecturer and Director of Studies in English

Educated Victoria College, Jersey, 1964-71; then St Catharine's, man and boy: matriculated 1971, Research Fellow 1977, Fellow and Director of Studies 1979, Tutor 1983, Admissions Tutor 1993, Senior Tutor 2001; Visiting Professorships in USA and Japan.

“’Take a Long Spoon’: Culinary Politics in the English Civil War”, Feast, Food and Famine, edited by Juliann Vitullo and Timothy Tomasik (BREPOLS, 2007), pp.29-48.

‘”Sleeping with the Menagerie”: Sex and the Renaissance Pet’, Masculinities and Femininities in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, edited by Frederick Kiefer (BREPOLS, 2009), pp. 189-204.

"It's good to talk: conversations between gods, men and beasts in Early Modern English versions of Lucian's 'Dialogues'", Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, Third Series 11 (2014), 303-23; Third Series 12 (2016), 271-95.

The Poetry of Charles Cotton, 2 Vols, cxiv + 669; xv + 831pp (Oxford University Press, 2017).