Dr Vasileios Kotsidis

Subject: Economics
Game theory; individual preferences and social behaviour; social norms.
Bibby College Assistant Professor and Director of Studies in Economics

Vasileios Kotsidis uses tools from traditional and evolutionary game theory to analyse social interactions that (potentially) involve strategic motives. His research focuses on the scope and limitations of models based on methodological individualism in interpreting individual​ behaviour (human or otherwise) as it is manifested in social settings. It spans along three main directions: how individuals think, what they are motivated by, and what the researcher can infer. He obtained his PhD in Economics at the University of Nottingham. His doctorate explored some theoretical aspects of social (strategic) behaviour and investigated its empirical manifestations. He also enjoys practicing karate, studying the philosophy of mathematics, and reading fantasy literature. He joined St Catharine’s as a Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics.

  • Kotsidis, V. (2018). Call to Action: Intrinsic Motives and Material Interests. Games, 9(4), 92.
UoN Economics Award: Graduate Teaching Fellowship, 2016-2017; ESRC award: Full scholarship - DTC Nottingham, 2014-2016; UoN Economics award: Best Participant in PhD Conference, 2016; UoN Economics award: Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, 2014-2016