Mrs Elaine Ng

Honorary Fellow

Mrs Elaine Ng heads the Defence Management Group in the Ministry of Defence. The
Defence Management Group formulates and implements policies in the areas of
manpower, national service, finance, information systems, legal and organisational
effectiveness to support national security objectives.
Before her appointment as Deputy Secretary (Administration) in Nov 2019, Elaine was
the Chief Executive Officer of the National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore from
Apr 2011 to Nov 2019.
As CEO of NLB, Elaine oversaw the strategic development of a network of 26 public
libraries, the National Library, and the National Archives of Singapore. Under her
leadership, NLB achieved outstanding innovations in service delivery and technology,
through creative digital library services. She also strengthened NLB’s standing as an
international leader in library and archives and forged partnerships and exchanges
around the world.
Elaine has been awarded an MA in English from St Catharine’s College, University of
Cambridge and a Masters in Politics from Brandeis University, USA.