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Professor William Sutherland


Subject: Natural Sciences

I am interested in applying ecological data and models to understand conservation problems. This may involve field work, use of existing data or purely theoretical problems. I am especially interested in bird population ecology as well as the impacts of agriculture of biodiversity. I have recently become intrigued by understanding how decisions are made. This has involved horizon scanning to identify future issues, collation of evidence to determine which interventions are effective and then a rigorous means of weighting the evidence to guide policy and practice.
Environment Fellow
Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology

Professor Bill Sutherland holds the Miriam Rothschild Chair of Conservation Biology in the Zoology Department and is a professorial Fellow in the College. He has written seven books and edited another five. He started as a birdwatcher and his main research interest has been in combining field observations of behaviour with theoretical models to predict the consequences of environmental change, such as changes in agricultural practice and climate change. His main current interests involve collaborating with policy makers to improve global conservation practice. This includes identifying environmental issues that have attracted insufficient attention using horizon scanning, collaborating with practitioners to identify the key knowledge gaps and establishing evidence-based conservation as a standard approach. He regularly provides advice to government and practitioners.

He teaches ecology and conservation biology.  He also teaches on the Masters in Public Policy and Masters in Conservation Leadership courses.

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