Supporting primary schools in promoting gender equality

Monday 25 July 2022


St Catharine’s is delighted that Barnham Church of England VC Primary School in Suffolk has received a Good Practice Award from Lifting Limits, a charity that promotes gender equality in schools. Barnham is one of a number of schools that have been sponsored by St Catharine’s to take part in the Lifting Limits programme and will now receive £500 to spend on books.

The Good Practice Award celebrates successful work around gender equality in schools and nurseries where the Lifting Limits programme has provided training. The judges were highly impressed with the many ways in which Barnham is challenging stereotypes – including across its curriculum, library, visitors and school trips – showing children a wide range of roles and possibilities for all.

St Catharine’s collaboration with the Lifting Limits programme is intended to promote gender equality in primary schools connected to the College through the University of Cambridge’s Area Links Scheme. Through links with schools in three areas over a number of years, the College has been able to build relationships with teachers and tailor activities to the needs of each location.

Dr David Bainbridge (2003), Admissions Tutor at St Catharine’s, commented:

“There is a growing body of evidence that points to the limiting impact that gendered stereotypes have on children's aspirations, subject choices and behaviours. St Catharine’s sponsorship for primary schools who want to participate in the Lifting Limits programme is designed to help address these stereotypes at an early age and build even stronger connections with local communities in our link areas: North Yorkshire, Rutland and Suffolk. It has been a real pleasure to learn how schools are succeeding and rising to the challenge, as demonstrated by the efforts of the team at Barnham.”

Display on Women in STEM at Barnham Church of England VC Primary School
Display on Women in STEM at Barnham Church of England VC Primary School

About the Area Links Scheme

The Area Links Scheme was originally established to enable schools across the UK to build strong, effective relationships with the Cambridge Colleges. Every part of the UK is linked with a Cambridge College, giving the schools in that area a specific contact point, although the scheme does not prevent a teacher or prospective applicant from contacting or being contacted by a College other than their link College.