Update on recent and upcoming works

The following information has been shared with the College’s students, staff and Fellows by email by the Operations Director.

Last updated: 21 June 2022

The summer vacation period is traditionally a busy time for the College’s building-related projects and maintenance activities, which we ramp up to ensure we are ready for the start of the next academic year. I think it is fair to say that this year will be even busier than normal with three of our major projects operating in tandem and investment in improvements across many of our properties.

I wanted to share a summary of the activity scheduled this summer to avoid any unexpected disruption and enable you to factor this information into your plans where possible. This schedule encompasses larger projects and smaller project and more routine works that all contribute to providing a welcoming and safe environment for future generations of students, staff and Fellows.

The upshot of these works happening over the summer is that:

  • Anyone at the Island site and St Chad’s will need to take extra care because there will be increased movement of contractors and materials – both the front and back of the Island site are likely to be in regular use throughout the day.
  • The front view of the College will be affected with skips being positioned on the pathway to take away waste from the week of 20th June, although we look forward to both these and the Catzebo being removed by early September at the latest. The skips will be removed for Graduation Day (30th June) and the two College Open Days (9th and 10th July).
  • Parking availability will be as per current arrangements until the week of 15th August when we will regain the use of a portion of the Fellows’ car park (exact details to be confirmed nearer the time). The full car park will be back in use for the beginning of Michaelmas Term. At some point, we will lose parking at St Chad's, including the whole car park for a period. We are carefully considering the timing of these works and have decided not to do them this summer whilst there is still disruption in the Fellows' car park. We may specifically ask some Fellows to park in spaces over the road at the University's Rugby Club to allow contractors access to works on Old House.

With all works apart from the St Chad’s project set for completion by the end of September, I look forward to the start of the new academic year when our community will start enjoy our new Central Spaces and benefit from all the hard work by our contractors and teams over the summer.

If you have any questions about the summary provided below, please do not hesitate to get in touch via





Major building projects

Island site: Central Spaces

(Main Contractors – SDC)

July–start of Michaelmas Term 2022

Contractors complete their works – internal finishes

  • Low level noise disruption
  • The site itself is very busy with lots of contractors, although this is largely invisible to us because their work is focused for the most part on the interior areas
  • We will gain partial re-use of the Fellows car park from mid August and full-use from beginning of Michaelmas term

Removal of crane and repairs to paving

Removal of Catzebo

Re-turfing of Main Court lawn

Landscaping in Chapel Court

Re-installation of front gates and cleaning of stonework / railings

Removal of contractors’ compound from the Fellows’ car park

Opening of new facilities and completion celebrations – further information to follow later in the summer!

Island site: Sherlock Court

(Main Contractors – Barnes)

20 June – 30 September 2022

Additional scaffolding installed to part of Woodlark (from 4th July) and whole of I,J,K (from 20th June)

  • I, J and K residents notified about impact of scaffolding
  • All bikes to be removed from hoops outside Woodlark / G/H on Trumpington Street
  • Part of Sherlock Court not accessible
  • Fellows’ car park partially used by Contractors mid August to end September
  • Frequent deliveries to front rear of College – please respect the gates and any instructions from Barnes staff to keep you safe from vehicular movements
  • Potential noise disturbance over extended hours (8am–midnight)

Stripping out G, H and Silver Street flats for refurbishment

Installation of new services

Replacement/refurbishment of windows and G/H roof

Replacement of roof to I,J,K

Fit out of G, H and Silver Street flats and garden reinstatement

New Development @ St Chad’s

(Main Contractors -Conamar)

20th June – September2022

Gym closure to empty Octagon (20th June)

  • Noise
  • Access restrictions to gardens
  • No access to ground floor of Old House (other area are accessible)
  • All bikes to be removed from site by 27th June

Site set-up (contractors compound, hoarding etc) from 4th July

Refurbishment of ground floor of Old House as Student Space

Demolition of Octagon

Foundations for new buildings

September 2022 – August 2023

Further details to be shared later in the summer. There will be periods of disruption to bike parking and car parking

  • Noise
  • Visual impact
  • Access limitations

Smaller projects and routine maintenance works

29 Barton Road

July – September 2022

External Refurbishment and internal work to the turret.

Full scaffold erected Early July but will be removed before Michaelmas term. Minimal noise disruption.

St Chad’s Old House

July – September 2022

External refurbishment

Full scaffold erected Early July but will be removed before Michaelmas term.

South Green Lodge

July – September 2022

External refurbishment

Full scaffold erected Early July but will be removed before Michaelmas term. No students in residence for the project duration.

South Green Lodge

July – September 2022

Internal maintenance and communal area redecoration.

No students in residence for the duration of work.

South Green Road

July – August 2022

Resurfacing the road

No vehicle access to the badminton courts. Disruption to parking on South Green Road for the duration of work.

E Staircase, Island site

July – September 2022

Door upgrade work

Contractors working in corridors at times. Some noise disruption.

South Green Lodge, Russell Street, No8 South Green Road and Barton Road

July – August 2022

Electrical remedial work

Some disruption to electricity supply and internet connection.

St Chad’s Tower 0

July – August 2022

Internal redecoration

Tower not occupied so no disruption expected.

All properties

July 2022

Boiler servicing

Minimal downtime in hot water provision – residents to be notified if specific households/areas are likely to be affected

St Chad’s Walkways

4 July 2022 – 1 Week

Repair work to the external walkways

Minimal disruption.

Hobson’s, Island site

4 July 2022

Asbestos removal following strict safety protocols in the basement plant room

1 week programme. Staff restroom to be relocated for the duration of work.

M Block, Island site

4 July 2022

Plant room

2 days without hot water –not occupied for the duration of work.

Woodlark, Island site

5 July 2022

Building surveyor assessment

1 day – no students in residence.

McGrath Centre, Island site

22 August 2022

Installation of audio-visual equipment

Out of use for 1 week.

No 8 South Green Road

September 2022

Roofing and guttering work

Full scaffold required and access to the roof space from within the house.

The Chapel, Island site


Lighting upgrades

Still in planning but expected to be finished for Michaelmas term.

Ede & Ravenscroft


Basement refurbishment

No impact to the College community expected.