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Applications open for the Master’s Fund

Tuesday 23 February 2021

The Master today announced the establishment of the Master’s Fund to support the continued development of the St Catharine’s community, as a result of a generous donation of £100,000 from Jon (1983, Natural Sciences) and Ann Ardron.

This new fund will provide grants to individuals or specific projects in areas that are otherwise unlikely to be supported through existing funds. Applications to this fund are now open and encouraged from all sections of the St Catharine’s community (students, Fellows and staff) or to support broader community initiatives.

Grants of up to £5,000 will be awarded at the discretion of the Master to support diverse areas, including the examples set out below (this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  • staff training courses to develop individual careers;
  • a Fellow’s acquisition of a rare book or piece of art for the College’s future enjoyment;
  • the acquisition of a greenhouse for our gardens;
  • purchase of a musical instrument to enable a student to develop another string to their bow;
  • attracting a particularly qualified speaker to an event who will enrich or challenge college life; or
  • a seed fund for a student-led charitable endeavour.

Professor Sir Mark Welland, Master of St Catharine’s, comments, “I am delighted that this fund will enable us to support some exciting and even unexpected opportunities throughout our community that might not otherwise be possible. I am looking forward to receiving applications for grants and seeing the differences these grants can make.”

Applicants are invited, in the first instance, to speak informally on their proposals, and any questions they have, with the Master’s Executive Assistant, Immy Black.

How to apply

Using the Master’s Fund Application Form, please tell us, in around 200 words, about the initiative you wish this fund to support, including the amount of funding, the individual or community benefits, and the proposed timescale.

Apply now.