Resources for school students

There are a number of resources available for students interested in studying at St Catharine’s. Hopefully a lot of your questions will be answered by exploring this website, but if not, here are some other helpful websites.

  •— the University of Cambridge Admissions Page, which contains information of all of the courses and colleges at Cambridge.
  •—this website contains videos about many aspects of life at Cambridge, from the interview process to the first 48 hours of life at Cambridge, as well as blogs from current Cambridge students studying a variety of courses.
  •– this is the University Alternative Prospectus, written by the students, rather than by the staff. It contains a student perspective on each course and college, as well as information that you won’t find in the official prospectus (for instance, how much is a drink in the bar, how many hours of work you get per week, and so on).
  •– HE+ is a new access initiative run by Cambridge University to promote access to Higher Education. You’ll find online resources for a variety of subjects (not all of them yet, please do check back regularly as the site is updated) as well as useful additional reading and information for people interested in applying for courses at Cambridge.
  • - this service is run by CUSU (Cambridge University Students Union). You can send a message to the page and it will be passed on to a current Cambridge Student, who will respond to you. You can ask about anything; what the food is like at a particular college, what it’s like to learn a language from scratch, whether a particular society exists for an interest you might have, and so on.
  • - a document compiled by the Russell Group (24 of the UK’s top Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh, UCL and many more)

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please contact Jessy using the details in the right sidebar.