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Fellow Gilly Carr presents BBC1 documentary


On Friday 6 May our Archaeology Fellow Dr Gilly Carr (2006) presented a documentary on BBC1 (South West and Channel Islands) entitled 'Finding Our Fathers: Lost Heroes of World War II' about two Channel Island women tracing the fate of their fathers. Both men were deported for distributing BBC news in the Nazi-controlled islands and were never seen again.

Gilly's research focuses on conflict archaeology and post-conflict heritage studies, and she is also a specialist in the German occupation of the Channel Islands and victims of Nazi persecution. Filming the documentary was, she said, "incredibly emotionally draining. We were all crying several times a day, but the whole experience was very worthwhile and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. More stories like the one we uncovered need to be told.”

Gilly is currently a Director of Studies (DoS) for the Human, Social and Political Science Tripos, and from October 2017 will be St Catharine's DoS for the new Archaeology Tripos.

You can catch up with 'Finding Our Fathers' on the BBC iPlayer.