Investing in our Estate

Providing an inspirational living and working environment for our students, Fellows and staff.

Since our foundation, our buildings have been privy to the thoughts and ideas of generations of students and Fellows; staircases are the communal spaces where lifelong friendships have begun, and supervision rooms where knowledge is challenged.

In recent years perhaps the most physical addition to the College's estate has been the McGrath Centre, a modern, attractive multi-purpose building, which has transformed Chapel Court, and includes an auditorium, student common room, bar, and meeting areas. Named in recognition of the major contribution of Sir Harvey McGrath (1971) the McGrath Centre is testament to the warmth felt for the College by a number of St Catharine's Members and friends, who, over a period of four years, joined together to donate the entire cost of the Centre.

At St Catharine’s we look not only to invest in our heritage but also to build our future, in doing so we seek to embark on a programme of renovation and renewal of our historic buildings, as well as investing in new facilities.

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