Dr Marcel Elias

Junior Research Fellow
Jeremy Haworth Research Fellow; Warden of the Russell Street Hostel

I work on the literature and history of the crusades. My current project focuses on the body of crusading romances that emerged and circulated in England in the aftermath of the fall of Acre in 1291. My research interests include Middle English and Anglo-Norman romance, chansons de geste, chivalric literature and culture, war and violence, the history of emotions and sin, religious conversion, and processes of translation or adaptation, particularly from Old French and Anglo-Norman to Middle English. I arrived in Cambridge for a PhD in 2013, following a BA and an MA at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

'Romance Adaptation, Emotional Interpolations, and Blurring the Christian-Saracen Divide', in Emotion and Medieval Media, ed. by Mary Flannery (forthcoming with Brepols for the Early European Research Series)

'Violence, Excess, and the Composite Emotional Rhetoric of Richard Coeur de Lion', Studies in Philology 114:1 (forthcoming, January 2017)

'Mixed Feelings in the Middle English Charlemagne Romances: Emotional Reconfiguration and the Failures of Crusading Practices in the Otuel Texts', New Medieval Literatures 16 (2016), 172-212

'The Case of Anger in The Siege of Milan and The King of Tars', Comitatus 43 (2012), 41-56