Your Reunion Schedule

On two occasions each year, we are delighted to welcome back to St Catharine's groups of Alumni for their Members' Reunion. The Reunion is an opportunity to meet with your contemporaries, dine in Hall, and hear current news of the College. We are pleased to announce the new schedule for the Members' Reunions below.

We are also continuing the "St Catharine's College: Ten Years On" event, held in Lent Term ten academic years after your matriculation. This is the first formal opportunity for you to return to St Catharine's and use your MA Dining Rights to dine with your contemporaries and College Fellows. 

Exact dates for these events will be available in due course; you will receive a formal invitation within six months of the event. To ensure that you receive your invitation, please check that we have your current contact details.

Members' Reunions

Year Matriculation Years (Spring) Matriculation Years (September)
2018 1979-81 1985-87
2019 1956-62 1988-90
2020 1963-66 1991-93
2021 1967-70 1994-96
2022 1971-75 1997-99
2023 1976-79 2000-02


St Catharine's College: Ten Years On (Lent Term)

Year Matriculation Year
2018 2007
2019 2008
2020 2009
2021 2010
2022 2011
2023 2012